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Lleida climbs
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
Climbing Guide to Lleida. Writing in English, Catalan and Spanish. It includes the following areas: Camarasa, St. Llorenç de Montgai, Cubells-Alòs de Balaguer, La Pauta-Santa Ana, Os de Balaguer-Tartareu, Santa Linya-Àger, Terradets, Vilanova de Meià, Abella de la Conca, Collegats, Cavallers, La Cova de la Juncosa, El Cogul.
28 euros + shipment charge.

Salvatge Oest de Catalunya
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
630 climbing routes
Guide to rock climbing on the west of Catalonia in several languages. The first part contains general information about criteria for selecting routes, equipment, maps, history of the area, rock type, access, useful addresses, shelters and general description of the area. The climbs are organized by sectors and areas: Santa Ana, Os de Balaguer, Tarter, and Santa Linya Alos de Balaguer.
18 euros + shipping

Terradets Climbing Guide
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
The book is divided into 14 sections (depending on the areas or sectors): Paret de les Arcades, Paret del Gres, les Bruixes, Cova dels Bastons, Tarzoom, Roca Regina (la zona bigwall de Terradets), Torrent del Bosc, el Túnel, el Peladet, la Pizarra, ret de les Bagasses, Amanita, Els Isards i Final.
16 euros + shipment charge

Montsec Oeste
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
The guide provides information on most roads in the area, a map locating the different parts and diagrams of each of the tracks. Numerous photographs which help you locate and identify the areas.
14'50 Euros + shipping

Vilanova de Meia y zonas cercanas
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
Climbing guide to Vilanova Meià. It contains all the necessary information: a general introduction about the area, a detailed description of each sector, weather and difficult roads.
Includes: name of road, length, difficulty, necessary equipment, degree, key areas, exposure, characteristics of the rock, detailed description of each movement: La Pauta, Rúbies, Roca Alta, Roca dels Arcs; Final del Congost, Pas Nou, Paret de Zaratrustra; Font Blanca, etc ...
18 euros + shipping

Via ferradas, Cataluña II, Comarcas de Lleida y Tarragona. Aragon Oriental
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
This is the most comprehensive guide published so far in this field. All itineraries are arranged by via ferrata, equipped routes or simple steps equipped with different colored tiles, taking into account the difficulty and following the UIAA scale, within a homogenizer. Criteria and exposure are added.
25 € + shipping

Alpina Map Mont Rebei
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
The Montrebei Gorge map is a 1:25000 scale one, but it is limited to the gorge which divides it into two parts: the Aragones Montsec or “d’Estall” and the Catalan Montsec or “d’Ares”.

21 The Montsec II (Montsec Ares and Montsec Rúbies)
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
Hiking map scale of 1:40.000 in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees area corresponding to Montsec crossing areas between Ares and Montsec Montsec of rubies.
Includes a guide to walks, hiking and climbing.
4.5 € + shipping

Excursions per el Montsec
Guidebook: Climb Pyrenees
In the first pages you will find a very interesting introduction, a geographical description, its history and the natural environment of the mountains. After it, you have a careful description of the 28 routes where the reported approaches the beginning of each itinerary, description of walks, detailed schedule and a sketch to help position itself.
14'90 € + shipment charge
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